Enrollment Procedure

The academic year begins in April. However, we accept applications throughout the year. First, please come and experience the programs at our school. We will respond to your questions about classes, curriculum, tuition, and fees, and we will explain various things in detail. When you are satisfied with our programs, you can proceed to apply. Regarding school tours and class experiences, you need a reservation ahead of time. Please do not hesitate to contact us. For reservations, please call TEL/Fax :046-240-8388

Free trial application

First, please apply for a free trial lesson.(We will send you the schools information in advance when you apply for a trial class) Feel free to make a reservation by calling us on 046-240-8388.

Free trial participation

For a free trial lesson, you will participate in the class with your child. After that, we will explain the school’s curriculum, course overview, flow of the day, activities, contract, etc. The important thing is the compatibility between the school and your child, so please join the free trial lesson and see how child responds in the class. Your child will have a fun time in the class, so please, do not hesitate to join us. (There are also cases where children will need to join by themselves when events sessions are held during the spring break and summer vacation.

※Participation for free trial lesson is only one time.
※When we have more applicants, you may not be able to join during that time so, please apply as soon as possible.
· What to wear: Please let your child join us with casual clothes.
· What to bring: drinking water.
· The trial lesson will be 1 hour to 1 and a half hours (including explanation time).
· Diapers (only for children who were diapers).

Your consideration

Understanding our system and how your child responded to the class is very important.If you have any question please feel free to ask. You are always welcome.


Once you decide to enter the pre-school, we will proceed with the application.

Briefing Session

Briefing sessions are held twice a month (2nd and 4th Saturday, 13: 00 ~) for new applicants.
You need to reserve a place in advance; please fill out the necessary information on the "Inquiry" page and apply.
In the inquiry content column, please write "I would like to attend a briefing session".
Thank you very much for your interest in Unique 1 International Kids Academy.

Contact page

Now accepting new students

Entrance Fee Until February 2019, five students every month.Regular course: 50% OFF.
Pre-Approach course: 30% off.
Until February 2019 20% off for other courses
In the case of enrollment procedures after March 2019, the discount rate of enrollment fee will change according to the time.All classes and programs are eligible
Special plan Family discount: Preschool and kindergarten program.
15% off is applied on entrance, operational and material fees (first time only) when a sister or brother joins the preschool program.
For other classes, there is a 3% off on entrance, operational and material fees (first time only).
About other details Please contact us for detailed information on application, interview, acceptance and admission procedures.